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The Handbook of Credit Risk Management is a bestselling risk management book and a benchmark reference in the field of credit risk 

A Chinese translation will be published in 2016

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"Bouteillé and Coogan-Pushner successfully capture the basics of credit risk with this straightforward, easy-to-read script providing a comprehensive overview of

credit instruments and modern risk practices. A recommended study for those focused upon learning the nuts and bolts of credit risk management.”

Loretta M. Hennessey, President,
L. Hennessey Associates LLC,

and first chair, International Association of

Credit Portfolio Managers (IACPM)

The ongoing financial crisis reminds us of the relevance of sound credit risk management principles and processes. The worldwide economic downturn serves as a powerful wake-up call for company executives and financial institutions across the globe. Even simple financial transactions performed on a daily basis can create heavy losses and jeopardize the very existence of a firm.

Written for any professional involved in credit risk, The Handbook of Credit Risk Management offers a comprehensive treatment of the essential elements that define the process and principles of credit risk management.

The fundamental approach of this book is that credit risk management is more than the art of assessing single name counterparties and individual transactions. In this important resource, Sylvain Bouteillé and Diane Coogan
-Pushner present a comprehensive framework centered around four sequential steps:

  1. Origination
  2. Credit risk assessment
  3. Portfolio management
  4. Mitigation and transfer

Understanding credit risk management as a discipline is more important than ever before. With this book as your guide, you’ll gain valuable insights into its various aspects and how to apply this framework in real-world situations.



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